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Institutional Capacity and Development Solutions

…for the best every resource can get

  • Consultancy
  • Capacity Building
  • Training
  • Research
  • Publishing
  • Supplies

1 .0.                 INTRODUCTION

  1. We are pleased to introduce our consultancy firm of
    organisational development concerns. We engage in
    institutional capacity-building, enhancement and
    We do these through research, training,
    organisational appraisal, strategic planning, management
    and financial control, publishing, publications, publicity,
    media relations and supplies.
  2. Our Head Consultant / Chief Executive office, Debo
    Adeniran is a trained educationalist and development manager with vast experiences in
    strategic planning and capacity development, management
    control systems, fund management endeavours. He has
    garnered more than 25 years of working experience as an
    employee, as Chief Executive Officer and consultant to schools, local and international NGOs, including some government agencies and companies
  3. We work with a crop of in-house and external consultants
    who are equally of immense experience and versatile in their various areas of specialization
  4. The firm has executed several institutional development and
    capacity-building consultancy engagements, construction,
    supervisory, training and publishing projects since it started
    operating about 20 years ago.


2.0.         OUR MANDATE



Enhanced capacity of organisations to utilize minimum
resources available to achieve optimal benefits for the
entire society


To cultivate and utilize our corporate integrity to harness
all material, intellectual, technical and physical
endowments available and accessible to us to enhance the
institutional capacity of organisations to work for the growth, development and sustainability of our society.


  1. Corporate responsibility through mutual respect,
    thoughtfulness, empathy but with forthrightness.
  2. Corporate humility through open minds for continual
    study, learning, growth and development
  3. Value of integrity through frugality, prudence, openness, accountability and social responsibility




  1. We can help brainstorm and facilitate institutional policy
    formulation, project development, interpretation and
    We also engage in pre and post project
    implementation assessment, monitoring and evaluation.
  2. We can raise a qualitative faculty to train all categories of
    personnel in NGOs, the private sector, government
    ministries, agencies and parastatals, on the field, in schools
    on courses that will enhance their productivity.
  3. We can publish books, booklets, journals, magazines, pamphlets and leaflets of all kinds. We can also produce qualitative stationeries and public    relations materials such as cards, bags, calendars, table pads, pens etc. We can also supply school, office and residential furniture of all       categories and          qualities, all   at most reasonable costs.
  4. We can effectively supervise construction/Installation and renovation of office/school, facilities, buildings, infrastructures, and utilities.
  5. We can supply various laboratory, training/workshop,
    classroom and office equipment, tools and material
  6. We can recruit qualitative human resources such as enhanced technocrats and all other categories of specialized and professional staff for organisations, schools, government and its agenci



We conduct comprehensive organisational assessment as underlisted to determine its existing position and situation with a view to prognosing into its future.

  1. Governance: the composition and provision of leadership and direction to the organisation, including the function of its board and volunteers
  2. Management Practices: the organisational structure, planning processes, information systems, monitoring and evaluation, administrative procedures and programme management
  3. Human Resources: management, staff, members, volunteers, funders and board members who have skills, motivation and opportunity to contribute to an organisation
  4. Financial Resources: the resources required to conduct the affairs of the”organisation’s affairs, record and account for financial transactions and monitor and report on its financial status, cash flow and resource needs
  5. Client Focus and Client Satisfaction: how the organization manages its key stakeholders – clients, people/institutions that are main beneficiaries of the organisation’s activities
  6. External Relations:       interaction.       between       the

organisation and other development partners which ensures that it is noting and responding appropriately to the social, political ecological, economic and other forces and events around it

  1. Capital Resources: how well resourced is the organisation in terms of building, furniture and equipment.



  1. Organisational Mandate: vision, mission and/or purpose statements
  2. Organisational statement of values
  3. Constitution and bye laws of the organisation
  4. Organogram
  5. Registration of the organisation
  6. Management information system policy and procedure
  7. Human resources and personnel policy
  8. Administrative policies and procedure manual
  9. Financial policies and procedure manual
  10. Procurement policy and procedures
  11. Vehicular policy and procedures
  12. Strategic plan
  13. Short-term (bi-annual, quarterly, monthly), medium-term (yearly) and long-term (3-5years) operational plan
  14. Project conceptualization design and development procedures
  15. Proposal writing and follow-up procedures
  16. Programme Implementation policy
  17. Sample job description
  18. Sample data collection forms
  19. Sample agenda and minutes of meeting format
  20. Sample project/financial reporting format
  21. Sample project implementation timeline /work plan
  22. Publications and other printed and non-printed matters – Facilities, equipment and materials



  1. We are extremely cost effective owing to our commitment to frugality in government and personal spending. This is borne out of the fact that most members of our outfit are public-spirited and social service advocates who would want to have so much done within so little resources.
  2. We are made up specialists in different developmental
    concerns such as education, training, management, engineering etc.
  3. We also work with a team of artisans and technicians in
    construction, printing, maintenance, etc. They are always at
    our beck and call when there is work to do.
  4. When our services are engaged, money, time and energy are saved. We thus help in building a good public image for our clients.



  1. Our pattern of operation is not in any way different from generally established pattern in consultancy and supply
  2. We can participate in open bidding and be a candidate in
    selective bidding. We also mobilize for contracts through
    solicited and unsolicited proposals.
  3. We expect to receive necessary briefing note on the assignment to be executed, Tender Form or Bill of Quantity followed by a Letter of Commission (LC) from our prospective clients to which we respond with a Commitment Note which contains our work and time plan followed by signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  4. Again, the background of the briefing or documents collected, quotations are prepared and’ presented for due process.
  5. Usually the quotations or tender are accepted, Local Purchase Order or Letter of Award is issued and necessary contract agreement is signed. On signing of agreement, agreed mobilization payment is made where appropriate. We deliver jobs strictly in accordance with specification and record time too.
  6. The stages outlines above, while normal would be acceptable in a majority of cases, they are, however without prejudice to any variation or modification that may be peculiar to our prospective client.



Head Consultant ICEO
The Humanity Centre

610 Lagos-Abeokuta Expressways
Ijaye Bus Stop

Ijaye-Ojokoro, Lagos

P.O Box 1592, Agege, Lagos.

Tel No: 1-4726534, +2348-0371-94969







1 Hour N5, 000 <10% ‘<20% <30% <40% <50%
2 Hours N9600
3 Hours N13 500
4 Hours N17,600
5 Hours N20,000
6 Hours N22800
7 Hours N24,500
8 Hours N27,200
9 Hours N28,800
1 Day N30,000
2 Days N50,000 ..
3 Davs N70000 , ;
4 bays N87000
1 Week NI00,000
2 Weeks N160.000
3 Weeks N180000
1 Month N200.000
2 Months N250,000
10uarter N280,000


  • Schedule considers FFV Input periods of any of the Head Consultant (HC),
    Deputy HC (DHC), Assistant HC (AHC), Assistant Consultant (AC), Consultant Assistant (CA) and Research OffiCer (RO) who may be Involved on the assignment.
  • Personnel Inputs are In terms of planning and preparation, data collection/collation, programme implementation production of deliverables and report writing.
  • It is exclusive of travel, feeding and accommodation expenses; material
    inputs; equipment, facility and venue hire; secretarial inputs and field hands.
  • Every aspect of the schedule is negotiable depending on the nature, structure, spread and depth of the assignment.