“No Permanent Friends or, Foes in International Relations. Only Permanent Interest”
On June 6th , 2023, the Commander of Presidential Guard of Niger Republic, General Abdourahamane Omar Tchiani led a military take over of the reins of government from the hands of democratically elected President Mohamad Bazouim. This would be the sixth coup d’état in the West Africa sub region; coming on the heels of miliary regimes in Mali since August 2020, Chad – April 2021, Guinea – September 2021, Sudan – October 2021, and Bukina Fasso – January 2022. The sub continental body, Economic Community of West African States led by Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu issued an ultimatum which lapse on 6th August 2023 for the usurper military junta to restore democratically President Bazouim back in power.
The Nigerien military putsch has put the coup – vulnerable West Africa sub region under spotlight, sparking off rows of salient heated issues on democracy, good governance, regional security, and influence of foreign powers not only in the sub region but continental Africa. The Nigerian Government sent a diplomatic envoy led by former military Head of State, Rtd. Gen. Abubarkar Abdulsallam and the Sultan of Sokoto Caliphate, Abubarkar Saadu to consult with the Head of Niger coupist on restoration of the overthrown Bazouim democratic government. This mission was, however, dead on arrival. As many persons clamour for military intervention, neighbouring West African States like Mali, Senegal, and other States in the continent vowed to align with the new Niger junta to defend its territories against any aggression.