We are quick to see somebody else mistake and not ours because the WHO actually said it is COVID DASH ONE NINE not NINETEEN that you people call it; you know that your own tongue is different from president tongue. So those who are criticizing him I wonder if that should be their priority because they too they have their own fault not the way the Europeans will call it, is the way that you people in your own dialect will call it. Everybody language is influence by his dialect I mean speech making of everybody is influenced one way or the other by his dialect but the NINETEEN that everybody is saying is wrong, it supposed to be COVID ONE NINE. I actually posted some extract from WHO website where they gave that acronyms they use for their social media as COVID DASH ONE NINE (COVID-19) not COVID NINETEEN. I think it is too inertly for people to be criticizing the President, I wonder if that is the way to do opposition if people want to criticize, it has to be on concrete issues or concrete errors or omissions from the duty bearers not about the way certain things were called, it irritates me.

It is oppositions that did it more and those who don’t like his face as if they know better, it is just like somebody that will say ‘sampion’, the other one would say ‘sampion’, the other one say it is not ‘sampion’, it is called Champion. So all of them might be wrong, everybody will now think they are better than the other it’s a dialect. Usually Hausa-fulani they hardly know how to call P they call it V sometimes the way they call D may not be clearly stated. It is their tongue, that was why i posted when i said some people we are making jest of it, I posted the extract of the WHO and many of us will arrogate ignorance.

1. How do you see the way a Federal and State Government handling the pandemic? With one death as it is recorded and the figure hitting 40, what more do you think the Government should do about the situation?
2. Do you think the citizens and corporate institutions understand the seriousness of the pandemic?
3. Don’t you think the poverty level in the Country is making the message of COVID-19 not to sink in?
4. What is your reaction to deduction of Petroleum pump price from #145 to #125?
5. With the Pandemic affecting the Global economic, will it effect on the Nigeria Oil sector, Trade, Building, Construction. Do you think Nigeria’s economic will not slide into Corona Recession?
6. How do you see the Leadership practices in APC especially as it concerns the position of the National Chairman, would you say the court has not contributed to the crisis especially in Edo APC?
7. What is your take on deleting of several political parties by INEC and the fact that report may make notice of the action of INEC?
8. Nigerians have been wondering why the Government should continue to drag the Nation deeper into debt to equate for 22.7billion dollars loan approval, what is your take on it?

Answer- Let takes it one by one, if not for the Lafarge doctor that discovered the symptoms and alerted the NCDC about it, so we could talk about laxity at the level of entry point that is Muritala Mohammed Airport where such a thing was not discovered but then there’s also a limit to which you can blame them because the disease is not likely to reflect on somebody and there may not be any symptoms for a couple of days before the thing becomes apparent. So a number of people can easily sneak through airport without anybody detecting it not even the thermometers that will detect it, the temperature may be normal in the early days of the disease so what could have been done would have been to shut down the airport immediately which was also not advisable at the inception of the whole thing until when the pandemic became apparently global affairs. We could also say that there is a negligence after the index case has been identify and the contact person has been also traced and the rest of them that it took too long, as a matter of fact all the airport were just shut down midnight yesterday, they ought to have shut it down long ago not to allowed anybody to come in again and there are a number of infected persons that are find themselves in the country after the pandemic has been declared by the WHO that is the unfortunate aspect of it.

Then so by and large the Federal Government could be rated as having scored may be on the scale of 10, may be about 50% they could have done much better if they took earlier precautions. Then it is still within the same country that we had Olusegun Obasanjo claiming that the claim of Ministry of Health to have identify an index case was a vast, was a gimmick to make money out of government covers, that was also supported by argument my of friends and a Comrade Shehu Sanni who was also said that it might be not real. Citizens should not do such a thing may be out of political considerations since they do not have contrary report and they knew they have not tested the identified patients to confirmed that he didn’t have the disease before they started talking at worst the doubt that was raised by Obasanjo was amplified in the media, the media ought not to have also amplified such a cynical statement, then when Shehu Sanni was saying that he wanted to see the person, see the face of the person, identity and all that, that is against the medical ethics, you can’t just expose a patient to the public like that because of the stigma that is likely to adhere.

At the end of the day when the man was healed they discovered that it actually real, somebody even said that he could have been paid to act the patient of the pandemic but from all indications that might not have been the truth because there are couples of others that are now come to the country with the disease so what Obasanjo and Shehu Sanni were saying could have also discouraged the federal government in taking that initial drastic action like shutting all the airport, all the entry point including the seaport and even land borders without waiting for further confirmation. What I believe is that as soon as that human breakout is made to the knowledge of the world and we saw what was happening in Italy, Rome, in different places, Israel, everywhere, and then we would have shut down all the entry point that is where the federal government missed it.

Now we also talked about State Government, many State Government are taking precautionary measures especially Lagos State where the index case happened and Ogun State where he moved into, I think they traced also those that got in contact with him and they were quarantine and many of them are fine nobody from that index was seems to have tested positive to the disease but in some other cases we got information that somebody came in spend 10 days in Ibadan before moved to Ekiti State, it was in Ekiti State that he took ill and eventually died. We do not have details of it, but then if he could be in Ibadan for that length of time it means that they didn’t discover him in at the airport and he have to move around, there is no means of discovering him if they could not discover him at the airport, it might not be the fault of the State Government but then there are certain precautionary measures that could be taken also which could be include manning the entry point even to the State.

The major entry point to Ibadan from Lagos is the expressway and there are places where they held official could be made to examine people may be even if it is going to be temperature or there are other means of identifying suspected victims so that could have been done, all the way that gets to Ibadan could have been manned into every state of the federation. During election they know how to put Law enforcement agencies into state where they do not want visitor to get into, they could have done the same thing mount health post at every entry point of all the state and ensuring that the people do not move so those initial if it was only limited to Abuja and Lagos by flight everybody that is coming from those two state could have been examined to know whether or not they are carrying the disease but they did has been done, we only prayed that he doesn’t spread to states where they are yet to identify them.

But then several precautionary measure has been taking in those states, many of the states of the federation have been locked down, civil servant has been asked to work from home, no gathering of more than 20 people, schools has been shut down all over the country, restaurant, stadia all of that, all sporty event have been suspended indefinitely, so all of these are precautionary measure which are okay but then tracing the contact person with those who carry it just like we said many of this big men will not submit themselves for examination at the airport that has affected the senators and of course they are leaking their wounds as some of them have been found to carry the disease.

Atiku son had been in Nigeria for some time and we were told that he actually went to some Night club and other gatherings including Jumat yet the father denied it, we are not sure until further evidence were produced, now a number of other people could have contacted the disease since it was not discovered early enough those are some of the negligence on the part of state and all in all we believe that we are getting to the groove just believe that instead of increasing the carrier of the virus should be reducing by now with all the hint that has been given even WHO that is zeroing on IG and the some of the other precautionary measure that could have been taking maybe people would have avoided it if they didn’t take things for granted. So Nigerian themselves are much of problem to a successful containment of the disease rather than Government, then government should ensure that there are wash hand basin with soap are made available generally in every public place.

Then for example prices of hand sanitizer has gone astronically up beyond the reach of an average person so if there is no soap and running water to sanitizes the hand and you cannot afford the cost of sanitizers you may be tempted to ignore the question of washing the hand and a lot of people think that unless they went to the airport, unless they rode in public transport and all of that they might not get it, forgetting that whatever they touch could have been touched by somebody who is a carrier of the virus, it doesn’t matter where the person is whether in public or private then a lot of people don’t want to engage in self-quarantine, self-isolation because of the nature of their business and of course it is understandable. What we believe government could have done would have been to make things generally available, the regular needs of a person general available to those who might have to quarantine themselves i.e. food, water and other things that they would require because some people live on what they make on daily basis, even if they suspected that they have the disease they won’t want to stay indoor because of the cautioned economy reality.

So if things get better, if government want things to get better, they have to intensify the advice that people should quarantine themselves if they suspect that they the disease. Then they say that those of you who above 60 should boost your immunity and you should engage in physical activities that will make you healthy and you should not let your health breakdown, so not many people are able to keep to all of these things but am like more or less self-isolation, I hardly go out I move from house to office, I wash my hand with soap, people should remain at home if they don’t have any important things to do outside. And really there shouldn’t be much to do outside, all hotels have been shut down one way or the other and market places and government should do more in the market places, they should go there and ensure that there is sanitizer, then social distance they should keep social distance of about 6feet around them. They said in Lagos bus conductor and driver should wear mask but they didn’t of course mask wearing should not have been recommended because you cannot presume that they have it and the way to do it, mask is for somebody who is bearing the disease not somebody that didn’t have because it can penetrate but then it will stop the discharge if the fellow should cough or sneeze, it won’t allow it to go far and once they don’t touch it, it is not that the virus moves on its own outside the body, it not going to move unless somebody carry it from that place to somewhere else that is why keeping social distance and knowing that it might have gotten to your hand don’t touch your eyes, nose, mouth and all of that.

So these are some of the thing unless you have wash hands for about 20 seconds with soap and running water even in between hands or you use sanitizers, so all of these are good enough and the education is so much, there is no discussion on television and radio now that will not be gear towards the instructions and information about what to do and how do it, basically at that level they are doing more then you cannot overdo it, you can still do more and more. Market must open because people do not have enough money to stockpile food items in their homes but then the funny of some of the essential commodities should also be stocked. So everybody is trying his best, we should not forget that we are in third war front where things are relatively difficult for an average citizens. The figure has risen within two weeks from 1 to 40 is alarming meaning that if we are not careful or not even at that there would have been a lot of hidden ones that has not discovered because flight still got to Nigeria up till midnight of Tuesdays that means that a numbers of carriers would have come into the country and the reluctance of people to self-isolate also made the country more vulnerable to the poliguration of the disease.

So what we believe government should do is to make it compulsory for anybody they should traced all the addresses of those that are just coming into the country and they should insist that they should not go out until maybe about 14days after everybody that came in into the country within this period they should traced them and everybody that have contact with them should be quarantine too to be sure that they are not carrying the disease so that they will not infect the others. If we are going at that rate is exponential to the extent that if we look at from 1 to 40 within the space of three weeks, it means that if we continue in that way in another 3weeks we are going to have about 2,400 and that could be alarming we have recorded one death now of course may be one or two death because we are told that the carriers who went to Ekiti eventually died but they might say that he didn’t died from of the infection because further illness but then he was identify to be a carriers of it and now those who treated him needed to be quarantined and those of course they said they quarantine, the guy who drove him and one other person, so all of that are precautionary measure that could be taken wherever they have stayed including Atiku son and his household they should all be quarantined.

I am happy that the Bauchi State Governor Yuguda self-isolated himself because he said he had a handshake with Atiku son on the aircraft, that is the way leader should do, they should live by example and it is a good thing that has happened, good lesson that corona virus has taught us in Nigeria especially that we can make do with what we have if the world is not there now everybody has been shut in. If we don’t make do with what we have then all of us will perish so let people go and look inward, they should begin to think of how to make alternative avenue for what we import from those other countries, China is a major destination when it comes to importing things to Nigeria and some of us raised the alarm that look we can’t continue like this, we cannot be a raw materials country and we’ll be importing finished product everywhere. Now our refineries must be made to work, our food and beverages industry must be made to work optimally, we should be able to produce the food that we want to eat without importing from other countries, we should be able to train ourselves to take care of our medical and pharmaceutical needs so that we won’t need to engage in Medical Tourism anymore so that whatever we should not rely on any foreign country for anything that we need, it has happened before and it can happened again in the days of our Forefathers we didn’t need any other country to give us anything we were satisfy with what we have.

I think we should go back to that era where we will be self-reliance and we make do with what we can got even if we didn’t have Rechargeable lamps from China, we use our Lamps until we are able to discover others means of illuminating our houses and premises, if we cannot import electronics media and phones component from China we should make do with whatever we can get, if we can develop our own technology that will give us the impetus to develop our own technology to make our own phone, must we rely solely. Then we should stop borrowing from the foreign countries using our National economics resources as collateral that is also not good, is like creating a kind of uncertain future for the generation that would be coming behind us. It is a big lesson and its good for us as far as am concern am not worried about it yes we will take precautions but if it will come, it had to come and if we have to perish with it, if we don’t have money even if we have opportunity we won’t have money to travel abroad, if we can’t be healed in this country then we remained then.

If the airport had been open Aisha Buhari would have sent her daughter back to England or Europe or America for treatment, the same thing Atiku will not even allow his son to stay a moment here. Now the reality is down on them that they have to improve on our health care facilities here to ensure that there are occasion it is not all the time they would be able to use the opportunity they have, the enormous resources they have to oppress the rest of us, there are occasions when levelers like Corona virus will be coming, all of us would be lock up in our own country and that is good for us. I like it, I like Corona to remain for the next 5years let all of us be here, those who will die will die, those who will survive will survived, we should be able to rely on ourselves. The things is that since a very long time the citizenry have stopped to believe their government and the citizens has always been there when anything come from government or when there is a worldwide information get to Nigeria.

An average Nigerian build with cynicism and when leaders like Obasanjo are raising the cynicism to a higher level, a lot of people will be mislead and they will not take government advice seriously, they began to take government seriously when they saw the number of corpses that Italians and other countries apart from Chinese are taking for cremation on daily basis, they became afraid that some countries were completely lockdown of course very soon may be today tomorrow south Africa will lock themselves up in that country nobody will go out in some states in even Nigeria, nobody is allowed to go out. Basically the citizens didn’t respond on time up till now they are still not responding as much as they should respond because they believe that: Is a big man disease, they are ready to die searching for what to eat because of the ravaging poverty that has afflicted them over the time, if they would catch it, they will catch it, many people will do that, if we look at the directive in Lagos that conductors and drivers should be wear face mask and they should not carry more than two people per roll in their buses, they have violated that because there are too many people waiting for the bus, as a matter of fact, one bus conductor that is BRT conductor was beating up when he didn’t want people to take standing in the bus according to the guidelines because there are too many stranded passengers who wanted to use the bus and to ply the road.

If they make a rule and make it difficult for people to obey the rules that means that they have made doing the right thing difficult and doing the wrong thing become attractive. When the government made doing the right thing difficult it means that they have made doing the wrong thing attractive and that is what is happening in Lagos. Everybody is like doing the wrong thing because government does not put the right incentives in places for them to obey the instruction by government, in some places food are even distributed, money. I think in American they want to give at least $1,000 per citizens and all that, Nigeria can do similar things so that the whole forgetting their citizens to bank on what they can get from government which is possible so much money is been wasted on nothing and a lot of government officials who also be using the pandemic to make much money for themselves that is why things are going the way they are and I believe that with time water will find his levels. Some people are ready to die, they don’t care whether they contact it or not because they have no other things to fall back on, they don’t have food in the house, they don’t have money in their pocket, they don’t have even hope for their own future and that was the reason why you find a lot of banditry, brigandage, armed robbery, kidnappers and all of that in this country. Those who are doing that don’t mind what happened to them.
Fuel reduction: it is a good responses from government because there are been occasions in the past when the global oil price fell and government reduced the pump price of petroleum product even at that we discover that it is not the same proportion of reduction in the global price of crude oil that the government has done but it is a good thing that at least they responded to that extent that is okay. The citizenry should also benefit from the product that they have endowed with, so it is a nice thing to do but then more incentives can still be given by deliberately bringing down the prices of petroleum product even lower so that it will serves as one of the means that the masses will benefit from government and it would be some of those cushioned event including kerosene and gas that is petroleum product it will includes diesel, kerosene, gas anything that they use, that should also translate to other utensils that are been manufactured from the buy product of petroleum industry. So all of these would help people to enjoy their life better and it will help them to live relatively more comfortable during this trying period, so government should bring down the prices that is the only thing that can level up if they say they should bring down the cost of electricity, a lot of people don’t use public supply but for fuel, if you don’t have a car, you have Okada, if you don’t have Okada, you have to take Molue, you have to grind your pepper, generator one way or the other you need fuel product otherwise you will buy some of this manufactured plastics and the rest of them in the markets, if they bring them down to the barest minimum just like Libya there was a time that nobody bought fuel in Libya, everybody had direct access to it, Nigeria can afford to do it if they really mean to serve the best interest of Nigeria people.

Effect of Pandemic
Well it depends on how the authorities handle it, the recession would be global because it is not only in the oil industry that the economic will doomed it, it has affected manufacturing because nothing is going on in the manufacturing industry anymore. The banking if you listen to stock market, trading is not happening on the floor of the Nigeria stocked a day as we speak you can only do trading through electronic media and the rest of them and that is not helping the economics of the world not only in the Nigeria so there is likely to be global recession and there is hardly any countries that it will not affect because the bigger your economy is, the bigger the recession will affect you. For example Italy had been lock down since how many days now almost two weeks now, there are not doing anything even Saudia Arabia there are not taking the pilgrims that usually boost their economy apart from petroleum product, so then Rome they are not also not taking their tourist anymore because of that. For the first time Saudi Arabia didn’t allow people to come for Humarah that is for the first time in history so it will implement their economy by the quantum of money they normally got from the Humarah that people do, people don’t go out so they cannot bring in product, people cannot even take their our own product outside the country, ships are stranded, all the seas and everywhere, these are some of the indices of global recession that is forthcoming and everybody just have to get his mind prepared for the tough time if the pandemic does not go away within the next two weeks then it will affect everybody that is why I said that government should just look inward and see how he can boost the economic through whatever we can product here and make a use of it optimally to serve the best interest of the people.

We can go back to farm, almost everything we need to farm is available within our climes and if government can utilize it judiciously then we will not suffer the pains and pranks of hunger that is the basic thing once we are able to eat then every other problem has been reduced almost by half and then what we need is mobility from one part of the country to other which we have said that government should subsidize the cost of petroleum product once that is done the effect may not be so much. The average citizens would have been taught to become stronger in the way they carry out their economy activities and once they are able to self-sustaining there will be less pressure on the government and so with what is going on now a lot of people would have been taught one lesson or the other that paid employment may not be enough they have to engaged in other means of getting income of attractive to themselves that incase of emergence like we are there should be a fall back. For example is affecting us, we have restaurant we shut it down, they can’t operate, if you are a transporter except you are a defiant, if you are to obeyed the rules you won’t be able to take as much passenger as you are been taking, if you are market man, market woman and your market is shut down your perishables goods will be perished, it will affect individual economy there is no storage facility provided by government that is the direction the government should look at. That okay for those who are producing perishable good, what can we do to help them to store their goods like those who producing tomatoes, condiment, vegetables, groceries most of these things are perishables, if we don’t assist them to store it, they will incur so much losses and that will make them rebellious even against the government. So we would be expecting more strike, more agitation and so on and so forth, whether or not the pandemic goes away sooner or later so that will create more upright seen even further distrust by the people within the government and the people.

APC Crisis in Edo & National Leader
Well I think is normal with ruling party in so many countries when a ruling party is approaching a new election year there is band to be clash of interest between those who want to contest and those who want to influence the process to favor them and that is what has been happening in APC. It has happened in PDP before even before the change of guard and the if APC is not careful what happened to PDP will also happen to them but the reason why APC issue is different is that nobody is defecting in large numbers on like in PDP where majority of those that can command public respectability defected when the crisis lasted. So for them to wanted to change their leadership usually i believe that, that is the way those who don’t like to be put in check normally behave and they usually are in the majority and they are more vocal and that is what is happening in country itself, those who want to engage in corruption will always find a means of discrediting the system that tries to implement all the Anti-corruption rules they want to deal with a Magu, they want to deal with President and Vice -President, they want to embarrass them so that they will get angry and may be resigned or pander to their details and bend the rules. I believe that is what Oshiomole is suffering, Oshiomole might want to, anywhere you want to apply the rule to the letters the opposition is usually rise and that is what I think he is facing.

However a lot of diplomacy is required to bring everybody under perpetual control even those that are fighting for a change in leadership if they get the leadership are they sure the leader will pander to their details. If they come now the distractions will still continue, will be opposing to the new leadership that may spell doomed to the fortune of the party at the forthcoming election either the isolated election in Edo and Ondo or the general election in 2023. I believe that it is a kind of struggle for power, influence, recognition that lead to all of the inprobio so it is still day that they find in the middle road. It is a good thing they went to court instead of engaging in self-count that is a civilized way of dealing with trouble like that. It is still the court that will regulate whatever has been done wrongly and yes there are conflicting judgments or rulings at the level of two high court, the one in Abuja and the one in Sokoto but then the appellate court has to some extent doubt the tension, the cases are really different, the one in Abuja and the one in Sokoto, but it doesn’t really matter, the appellate doubt the detention by granting interim order a kind of stay of execution order they requested for and that has given the APC opportunity to rework his own administrative system to ensure that they become a solid platform again.

It is the court, it is not the making if the court has been there they wouldn’t had been, there would have been more destruction of the process in the APC, it does not matter the court doesn’t contribute really to their crises, it is those who approach the court that made it like that. The development problems in Nigeria contribute to the way court was since there is no data sharing process if there is a way that a court will verify that similar case had been taken to court of similar jurisdiction elsewhere, then the order court will not want to hear the case again but then lawyers no how to manipulate things to suit the purpose they want to achieve and that is why is light different in the case in Abuja and that of Sokoto makes it possible for re-court to exonerate itself from the crisis and the appellate court has done well by granting that stay of execution otherwise they will cause more crisis and the crisis would have also snowball into a maximum conflagration even in other parties. Normally in politics each opposing sizes want to outsizes themselves what i believe the appellate court accept is them to do give more room for the reconciliation committee that has been set up under Bisi Akande to have that precipice and that will grant them the opportunity to seek the two sides to get the two sides to a table and discuss.

A number of compromises have been suggested and as a matter of fact had been accepted if you see the vice-chairman North-West has come back to the poll that was either to suspended by Oshiomole has been recourse and one other member of NEC so all of those things are compromises that the ruling of the appellate court has endangered so that will give the right opportunity to Bisi Akande committee to do is own reach towards ensuring that peace return to APC to the ruling party.

It is neither here nor there if INEC has the power to register political party it should have the power to deregister them, parties are registered base on certain condition if those conditions are fulfill at the initial stages they get registered at any time when those conditions are no longer fulfilled or become degenerated. For example if you are supposed to have members and the members move out of your party what exactly are you calling the political party anymore. If when you want to register you have members all over the country and by the time you operated for half a year your members degenerated to what cannot be discovered in any local government, it means that the condition that inform your registration has depleted and that means you are no longer instead of you making progress you are degenerating so there is no point in keeping such political parties that is my position. We have also caution those especially political parties look, you are not working towards political stability in this country many of them just register with the view to negotiating with their platform during election and corners, some they gotten resources to themselves, it doesn’t worth it and a quick perusal of some of these political parties, some of them don’t even have plastic chair in the so called office they don’t have any asset at all. Some of them don’t have offices in place where they claim they are operating granted that we have also suggested that it doesn’t matter if INEC want to register political party. They should look at places where they command respect at least they should have one percent presence of the couples within the place even if it is going to be point zero zero one percent of the couples within the area they want to operate as a members or as sympathizers but if they don’t have members what do they call political parties. Many of the political parties actually lied to INEC was done based on verifiable claims though it is good most of them are not based on any ideological lining so i believe that the condition. So I believe that the condition for registering of political parties is too loose that is why as many as 91 political parties could register, if the conditions makes it compulsory for them to have ideological background to based it on clear out ideological pedestrian and all of the political parties that whose ideological lining are similar should be advice to merge, if you want to be right be right, if you want to be centric be centric, if you want to be left be left, let it be clear people would know what they are expecting from you like in Labour part, Green party and all of that. There are clear at ideology but in a situation whereby you just come up with anything you don’t have membership registered that you can show and can be verify and you don’t have any deferring opinion on issues of governance, you don’t have programs and manifesto that are clearly different from others then why should they be different political parties let all of them combine and see how they can level up their differences and register as one political party. There is no point in having so many political parties doing the same thing and aiming at achieving the same thing only to just create administrative confusion at the INEC at the end of the day.

Thereby making Nigeria to spend much more money than they need and the truth is that if the court base their ruling on the electoral act, INEC may win so there is no way that the cases can make a mess up let everybody go back home and prepared well, I don’t subscribe to the fact that they should limit political party to a particular number but the conditions should be that there should be clear cut differences between party A, B, C and up to party Z if those differences are not cleared then they should remain the same political party so that is it.

It is unfortunate that we are misplacing our priority, it shouldn’t have been bad idea to have loan for the developmental project that can repaid the loan itself but we have so much money we have not collected, the remainder of Abacha loot is still yet everywhere, several others looters are filters away Nigeria resources into places. Have suggested that they collected those one first before they look for other loans but this loan have to tie the loan been sought target at 3 legacy project, the second Niger bridge, Lagos Ibadan express way and one another and we are sure that some of these Ministry are really working especially Ministry of transportation. I like what Amaechi is doing especially on railways that is also good if there is a kind of convincing evidence that the government will spend the loan in the right direction it is okay but what we would prefer is that the government should look inward to get all the loot and ensure that the loot applied judiciously into the developmental project that will favor the livelihood of the people that will come in that is the way I just feel.

There is nothing wrong in taking the loan but have to pay because some of these countries especially the China they will take over many of the cash cow in Nigeria if the loans are not repaid on time but the Nigeria can easily repay if the loans are judiciously applied, If it is not, government should do everything possible to ensure that nobody is allowed to embezzle the funds that will comes through loans and the safe guard that has been put on the ground like TFC, BVN, FRCN, ACTU, ICPU,SCMU. If all of these things are put in place then it will be difficult for anybody to steal the money that will be coming through the loans of course ACTU should ensure that moneys are applied for what they are meant if for those things are working there is nothing to be afraid of.