BEKO is a man of Dignity, a man that believe that there should be Egalitarian society, a man that work towards the enjoyment of right and benefit of Nigerians, no matter how low lay place that person his, he didn’t believe that somebody cannot get to the highest height of his potential, he believe that the resources of Nigeria is enough to give everybody that leverage that will help you or her to live optimum life to enjoy benefits of Citizenship, to enjoy freedom of movement, speech, economic, personal and cooperate economic development. He believe that Nigeria can be better ruled, he believe that we can restructure Nigeria in a way that everybody will have sense of belonging, so that is what eat in deep into us that we believe that we have to continue to remember the sacrifice he made.
He was described by the Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka as the bravest of the brave, he had that extra dosage of courage with which he confronted the military regime no matter how powerful, no matter how daring, no matter how wicked, no matter how brutal they were he confronted them and was able to make some difference, he joined hand with others to ensure that every government, the successes government in Nigeria take the opinion of people into consideration before they implement policy and laws that have to affect life and livelihood of the people and that is what we believe should be carried it forward, our been to carry it forward we need to keep on reminding ourselves and to honor him because of his enormous sacrifices that he made towards the emancipation of humanity in Nigeria.

The specific thing that we would ask the government to do in his Remembrance is to ensure that electoral right that people reserve their right to, their political right to enjoy is made generally accessible to the people. Political leaders should not been seen to have been impose on people, the ballot of people should count and our leader should be accountable to the people upon which ballot they road to position of prominent and to power. They should ensure that the right of individual, community, children and women are not denied them and that is only way by which people can live full adequate and successful live.

Issue of Security
You see security will take care of self if economic reality is made generally accessible to people, if everybody has profitable economic engagement they are not likely to go into criminality, the security agency will do their work, the motor park portals they will do their work, drivers will do their own work, farmers will do theirs, everybody will get busy because they know that ultimately they are going to make profit from their daily tolls. All of you in journalism you will do your work because you will be well paid as at when due, teachers will teach what they are paid to teach because they are happy to do the teaching, student will be ready to learn because they will be motivated, now if all of these social economic indexes are made convenient for people to access criminality will go down.
Nobody will have a degree that he knows that he can make a living with will now want to leave the degree at home and get to motor park or go and carry gun in the jungle to say that he want to kidnapped, that he want put certain people in ransomed, or he want to disturb farmers from farming, that he want to take his own herd of cattle into cross farmers farm with the view to chasing them out of place, nobody want to do that. The reason why all of these security becomes issue is because government do not pay the right payum on the sanctity of human sustenance, if there is qualitative education, there will be qualitative services, there will be accountability, there will be transparency, there will be sense of belonging, there will be a nation whereby everybody will move away from rebellion to patriotism, if people move from the position of rebellion to position of patriotism they will ensure that government property are protected, they will be ready to be the whistle blower, they will be ready to ensure that nothing that belong to the state is badly utilize. Basically it is the socio-economic problem that leads to security problem and that leads to instability in the politics that is exactly what we are yearning towards.