Answer-The main thing that is stopping the repatriation is the inadequate commitment of the countries where Nigeria fugitives that are running away from their well-deserved trial for corrupt practices put Nigerian youth into. The countries are usually reluctant because they’re enjoyed the benefit of the loot that the Nigerian looters keep in their countries and they are not fully cooperative when it comes to extraditing them. The repatriation of Nigeria fugitives that are running away from trials for the corrupt crimes they have committed has been like that because the countries where they are granted residence are always reluctant to release them because they are enjoyed the benefit of the loot that have been kept in safe haven in their countries.

The countries are not unaware that those individuals couldn’t have owned the money in their various financial institution through legitimate means, they knew that it could have been stolen money from Nigeria but because they want the money to work for them for some time they are lackadaisical about cooperating with Nigeria towards repatriation of the money and extradition of the fugitive that have stolen it and they are hiding it in their country. They are also not in a hurry to let Nigeria have the benefit of those loots so that Nigeria will remain perpetually underdeveloped and they would be able to keep lauding it over Nigeria as one of the third world country that will be unable to develop its own industry so that they would keep on using Nigeria as a source of raw materials while they would be shipping their finished products to Nigeria as a veritable market for all the junks that they manufactured in their countries. So it is also because the Global Organisation UN has not given tits to several extant conventions that could have compel those countries to repatriate the stolen goods and money and extradite those who stole them through the mutual legal assistant treaty that we entered with many of these countries, at least Nigeria has mutual legal assistant treaty with UK, Switzerland and few other countries where some of the fugitives are hiding.

It is deliberate on the parts of those countries to deny Nigeria the benefit of his own wealth that’s why they are reluctant to extradite them and the corrupt elements that are hiding in those countries are shameless set of people who are not in a hurry to clear their name of corruption charges that are hanging on them. They know that Nigeria laws against corruption criminals is still very weak especially when it allows them to enter into plea bargaining that will lead to little of no conviction at the end of their trails so that they will be seen as just the regular political elite in Nigeria. So they know that there’s no stigma for stealing in the Nigeria status growth, that Nigeria status growth will not confer any stigma on them so they can still walk the streets free men and women even if they don’t clear their name forever, basically that might be the reason.

Another question was asked stating ‘should the Federal Government be blamed for it? HOC responded by saying not so much so we blamed the countries where this people are hidden and the weak international laws that should safeguard the interest of members countries that are not made effective by members countries too. The only area where we could blame the country that is Nigeria for is that the effort being made to get these people extradited for trial seems to be very weak; there had been adequate advocacy across the globe on the need to extradite these fugitives back to Nigeria to face trial. Places where protocols were to be observed the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice seems not also be in a hurry to get the protocol fulfilled so that these people would be transported back. However, it is the bottle neck that the resident countries for the fugitives dated that’s causing the long widening and ungulating protocol that the attorney-General is not in a hurry to go through.

Can Judiciary Be Blamed For The Delayed? It is not the case of those who have run outside the country, it is those that are within the country and are undergoing trials that we can blame the judiciary for. Yes to some extent actually more of the fault of the litigant the accused persons who have identify lawyers that have perfected the strategy of delaying cases and like i said the other time, many of them are not in a hurry to clear their names of the culpability or otherwise of corruption crime that are hung on their neck because the law does not shame adequately until recent times most of the judgement, punishment melted out on them are like slap on the wrist kind of punishment which didn’t deterred them from committing corruption crime.

So basically it is really some judicial officers not all of them, we know that some judges are corrupt and they also give room for the criminals to escape justices. And some lawyers and their consultant and alter-egos who will find every loophole to use technicality or may be delay tactics to prolong the adjudication into the cases. And that is why Orjis Okalu case took about 12 or more years, Jolly Iyanme and Joshua Dariye took nothing less than 8years of trial because of the delay tactics. They use all strategies and tricks under the heaven to make sure that the case didn’t progress in court despite the new administration of criminal justices act, they didn’t allow it to work the way the trackers of that laws have suggested. So basically it is not the court most of the time delayed it but some judiciary officers and the litigant themselves you know they much money with which they can bribe everybody to cause unnecessary delays and adjournment in their cases.

Judgement of Death Penalty? Ordinary I didn’t support the death penalty because when the wife kills the husband and the state kills the wife, the children would be left to suffer on their own and the country would have lost two man power so that is two human resources that could be useful to Nigeria. Nobody is completely useless not matter how criminally minded he is they only needed to be properly trained. If somebody kills you don’t need to kill that person because of whatever potentials that he or she has could be useful even when you sentence such a person to life imprisonment that would have been okay. But i don’t believe that it is the delayed that lead to death penalty, it is the fact that when you killed somebody the meditated murder the penalty in our status quote is death that was what has been handed down on her. Yes it doesn’t matter what leads to the altercation or to the struggle that lead to death of the husband as long as it has been proven that she actually stab him to death that is the judgement prepared by our laws of the land so she may not be able to do otherwise, it is after thought that she came up with so argument even when it has become a possible for us to hear from the other side and you can’t just take one side of the story no matter how palatable it sounds, the other party have the opportunity of explaining his own side. There is no good reasons why anyone should take the life of another because that means that all the right that the dead had have been put to perpetual jeopardy you can’t defend any right when the right to life has been taken so that is why we believe that the maximum sentence is to dead. The Nigeria should review his death penalties law to reflect the needs of the country for human resources and the man power development.

Removal of Service Chief? I think each service chief has about two years tenure and these people have spent more than 4 years in offices and they are due for retirement and i would not know why the president his still keeping them. Am not of the school of thought that because they have runs out of strategies, ideas to secure Nigeria, we have not find it easy since a very long time to curb securities issues like; brigandage, banditry, herdsmen, insurgencies, militancy, outright terrorism and all other. It has always been with us and it was even fiercer during the last administration before the present than now because a lot of people have argued that may be more people have been killed, I don’t believe so because in those days territories were claimed by the terrorist, we have issue and now and then we know that the caution of issuer may not have been easy if they are no foreign backup against Nigeria those that wouldn’t want Nigerian to successed.

And you also know that the kind of bitter politics that we play in Nigeria could give rise to sabotage. So the opposition may be deliberate in empowering the bandits and the insurgence and all of them to sabotage the effort of the government. Remember that until when the borders were closed the issues of clashes between farmers and herdsmen was everyday issue but that has come down drastically when the borders were closed. Then that will give flesh to the argument that some foreigners could have being the one that are invading Nigeria’s farm in review to driving them away from their farm so that their won’t be enough produce and if their no enough produce we may want to import from neighbouring countries and we will still result to Petrol-dollar instead of Agro-dollar that the government says is working towards on. So basically we can’t rule out the possibility of sabotage when it comes to insurgency but then there must be a wisdom behind the drafters of the law that gives two years tenure to service chiefs, once it has lapse, may be you renew it and it has lapse again then you don’t need to keep on keeping them.

We may not be totally inform of what the President or Commander-in Chief consider to have retained them but if he doesn’t want to tell us we will only raise our own argument that their tenure has expired and the normal thing to do is to change them. If there are any objective reasons why he wants to retain them he should let us known so that our analysis of issues around it will be more objective. I believe that we have only one Nigeria Army and Nigeria Armed Forces so they are still from the same forces that we are going to draw more new Officers that will mount various position although there could be internal rancour among the Services if it was time to promote them and they don’t get the promotion well that may be a disadvantage but until the Commander in Chief tell us why he still retaining those people may be its from his own assessment having the benefit of high sight as a former military officer and Head of State he might know and he might have discovered that those are the best hands he could use for now because if he changed them and anything should go wrong, he also the chief accounting officer for everything that happens in this country and he will also take the blame so he might be thinking it time to do what is considered to be needful.