The President has been able to make some significant achievements in the areas of security and his anti-corruption war. These are actually the main reasons why Nigerians overwhelming voted for him in 2015. We know his pedigree and what he did during his tenure as a military Head of State. Everyone knows the implications of corruption on the economy.

After the 2015 general election, Nigerians wanted a radical departure from the past. And that is what Buhari has just started. But we expected him to declare his assets from day one when he was declared the winner. He did not do that until it became almost belated. This is one of the setbacks. Till now, there are some of his ministers who are also accused of corruption.

The President has not initiated an investigation into this allegation. He is the only one who has been giving them (accused persons clean bills of health) which are not based on known investigations. Basically, we expect that the President would initiate an investigation into the allegations against his ministers accused of corruption. The President has, however, achieved in the area of security because he has, to a large extent, brought insurgency to a very minimal level.

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