My reaction is that nobody should be surprise or taking aback by the submission of the Miyeti-Allah leader to the extent that they are the assailant that they believe that amotekun will come after if it is allow to be consolidated. They are the morroder that have been disturbing the peace of that part of the country all over the time that issue of banditry, brigandage and clashes between herdsmen and farmers have been coming up in south-western part of the country. And you know that several groups and persons in Nigeria has testify to the fact that Miyetti-Allah have been the rampaging morroders that have to be brought under perpetual check. They don’t want to be controlled, they don’t want to be stopped from the destructive activities they been conducting all over Nigeria.

They want to dictate the pace to every government ( Federal, State and Local government) on how to run the affairs of their territory. They want to tell traditional rulers and individuals in every communities how to run their life affairs. They want to operate within everybody’s territory, operating their economic activities without any legal restraint, rules regulation and other instrument that could control their activities. So basically that is the reason why they don’t want Amotekun to survive, meanwhile they are bearing arms, they are bearing dangerous weapons, they are attacking human being, crops, attacking families, and properties.

They don’t want anybody to check them, they want a police that they could control, they want a security apparatus that they can bring under their perpetual control that is why they are opposed to the inauguration of Amotekun that is(Western Nigeria Security believed that they should be ignored and the I.G of police should actually arrest them for questioning,why is it that they don’t want anybody to bring them under check.The question of politics and governance is not dependent on what kind of security arrangement there is, it is also not an index of whether a kind of region or a kind of zone is qualify to be president of the country or not.

What we’re talking about the security system should be allow to thrive so that there would be safety of lives and properties first, because if a human does not survive the kind of banditry and brigandage and insurgency that is ravaging different part of the country. He will not be able to think of contesting election, he will not be able to vote in an election, he will not be able to even witness the dawn of good governance if there is any.
I don’t agree with that, there is proper public awareness, it is a question of ego on the part of some government officials like the Attorney general of the federation who said that he was not consulted before the outreach was put together and there are a number of other public official, public servant who are saying that because they were not consulted the outreach should be dissolved and i don’t believe that security of lives and properties should be a subject of ego tripping.

That is exactly what we should remove, the public’s to be served are well aware of the import of Amotekun security system, they know what they are out to achieve, they know what advantage there is for an average citizen of the zone that is involved. So basically we cannot say the people are saying that they are not aware, it is some of those who would not want it to work that are claiming that the public are not aware. The public are even anxious to be part and parcel of the security outreach because they know the implication of it and they know that the time has come for south-western part of the country to safeguard his territory against invaders.