You remember one chance is usually committed by the use of Danfo whether registered or unregistered, several cars have been used even to bad car have been used to commit crime where riders were murders or robbed, trailers, tankers all of them there is none that has not been used to commit crimes, so basically it is no excuse for them to take care of it. What they needed to do is to strengthen the law enforcement agencies to be able to use their instrumentality to curb crime in our climes, of course the law enforcement agency also use Okada in their operations, that means they have higher technical capacity than the regular Okada riders, so Okada is the means through which emergency can be attended to especially when you have to commune from one location to the another.

Supposing somebody has health challenge and emergency health challenge in Ijaiye Ojokoro and has to be taken to hospital, there are several spot where motor vehicles are held up in traffic, it is only Okada that can take the narrow part and meander through the traffic to get to that destination on time, it is just the alternative means of circumventing the traffic snares that usually characterize pick hours in Lagos and it is a veritable means of getting people to their work place in good time. And talking about rural Lagos that is those who are living in sub-urban areas and had to trade within the urban centers, it is through Okada and tricycles that they can move from their sub-urban to the urban center and since there is outright ban it means that there is no alternative means for rural dweller to commute with the city, it means when motorcycles and tricycles brought them to the roadside, to the side of major highway they will remain there because in some eye brow area where this categories of vehicles has been banned there are usually no commuters buses and affordable alternatives through which people these people can transport themselves.

What the State Government need to do is to provide alternatives means of transportation for those who use it and alternatives means of business for those who use it as main source of income, it doesn’t matter whether or not those who are riding it are immigrant of other country, it is the Law enforcement agency that will be sensitize on how to identified them and may be extradite them, they can profile everybody that is riding Okada in Lagos through the licensing system, if that is done they will be able to remove the grain from the shaft and ensure that every other person that is operating any business in Lagos is law abiding and they are known to the law.

So it is no excuses, it is a statement of, it is deficit statement when they say that many of them are criminals they sneak out, whose fault it is that people are homeless, it is the fault of the same Government because the principal purpose of good governance is to secure security and welfare of the people. So they cannot not repudiate, abnegate there role and now blame the victims for the jeopardy that they suffer from out of mal-governance, so to some of us we believe that it is not a well cut out policy and it should be reverse.